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Microblading is the use of a very small blade used to create fine hairlike strokes in a person's brow to help create the look of a fuller brow. This service is best suited for those with normal-dry skin and smaller pores. These results are best when you follow through with your 6-12 week touch up (2nd session), leaving the results to last 1-3 years. Annual or as needed touch-ups are recommended for best and continuing results. If you have oily skin, larger pores, or are simply not interested in microblading, please take a look at combination or ombré brows!

Combination brows are a combination of Microblading and machine shading. Microblading is done in the front section of the brows, flowing into the shading portion. This allows for the brow to still have some natural hairlike strokes in the finer front areas of the brow, while the denser portions of the brow are filled in with shading. This is great for those of you who like a little more fuller look without having to actually fill in your brows! These results also last 1-3 years, and a 6-12 week 2nd touch up is highly recommended to lock in your color. This service is great for all skin types including oily/aging skin! 6-12 week follow up session is also needed!

Also known as Powder Brows. Ombré brows, unlike Microblading and Combo brows, do not have any hairlike strokes. This is strictly machine shading only. This is best suitable for those who like a fuller brow and do not want to have to fill them in anymore. Praise the Lord! With this service, you can make your brows as soft and light or as defined and crisp as you want. This type of brow tends to last the longest and fades the best over time! Ombré brows are suitable for all skin types and best for those of you who fill in your brows daily and want very little maintenance. 6-12 week follow up session is also needed!

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