Questions? Let us help!

Don’t know what a treatment will consist of? Let us answer those burning questions for you!

Thin hairlike strokes created to form a fuller and more natural-looking brow.

The use of machine shading to form a more filled-in brow with the front section of the brow being lighter then fading to darker as you move towards the tail of the brow.

Hair-like strokes are formed by Microblading in the front of the brow, while machine shading is used to fill in the rest of the brow.

2-3 years depending on how well you take care of your brows during the healing process!

Once a year or as needed! If you are still holding your color well after a year, there is no reason to add more color! Just come as needed!

Yes! Pigments have come a long way with the array of choices! There is the perfect color for everyone!

PMU is mostly painless. Numbing cream is applied before and during the treatment to keep you comfortable!

No! This is a myth, and your hair cannot grow back thicker and darker. The peach fuzz does grow back, but only as it was before.

Once a month or every 4 weeks is preferred!

YES! Your 6-8 week appointment is for touching up the spots that the pigment may have not taken, and also being able to fix the color if you wanted to go darker! You need this appointment to lock in your color to make it last!